New Perspective on Online Gambling

The book written by Andrew Cooper gives a new perspective to the issue of online gambling. The book specially looks into the stigmatization that is attached to online gambling and the utmost efforts made by the US government to stop gambling through the web. The book also serves as an eye-opener to the legal, economic and political perspective on online gambling.

The global online gambling market is estimated to be worth $ 335 million. Offshore gambling is becoming more important with time. Cooper’s new book is titled Internet Gambling Offshore. It deals with the struggles over Casino capitalism by the Caribbean countries.  Cooper’s book is the first initiative to study internet gambling, from the perspective of the world economy. Although, The American market is trying utmost to stop online gambling, virtual gambling will stay. Entrepreneurs are looking for political platforms to ensure this.

The book focuses on Antigua’s approach of developing an interesting online gambling economy.  The book also brings into light the major legal, political and diplomatic challenges of a growing international economy. Eric Helleiner, makes a forward in the book. He is Balsillie School of International Affair’s CIGI chair person and a professor of Political Science in the University of Waterloo.

Ronen Palan, comments on Cooper’s work stating that, the book on internet gambling captures the complexities of the contemporary market where there is an intersection of material interests, regulations and morality. Palan is the professor of University of Birmingham. He is also says that, the study by Cooper on internet gambling is outstanding, questioning the conventional sources of power.