Play.Com Awards Largest Ever Jackpot in B.C

Minimum wager wins lucky player the biggest jackpot ever in British Colombia.

In British Columbia's biggest ever jackpot win, Matthew Arseneau won $833,158.91 playing SugarCubes at casino. SugarCubes is a popular game because the jackpot keeps growing until it is won.

But when the lucky player told his family about the win, they did not believe him. Not only is he the practical joker of the family, but he won the incredible jackpot with a mere $5 wager, the minimum bet allowed.

While listening to local radio station 99.3 the Fox, Mr Arseneau heard about a competition to win a trip to Mexico. He logged on to and instead won a life-changing sum.

"I entered the contest and was playing online when it popped up on my computer screen," he said. "It said I won but it took a dozen times of looking at it before it sunk in."

"I am going to buy my little brother a new car," he said of his plans, "And also help my parents finish with some renovations on their house."