Players Can Still Take Part in Bet365 Prize Ladder Promotion

Although half of April has already passed, there is still plenty of time for players to join in the excitement and take advantage of the opportunity to win super rewards in the Bet365 Prize Ladder promotion.

To qualify, players need to earn competition points.  The greater the number of points earned during the Bet365 Prize Ladder promotion, the bigger the reward.  To obtain points, players need to play any of the more than 150 games at Bet365.  Players can select what prizes and cash bonuses they would most like to compete for by opting for the VIP status of the choice.  Each status offers different rewards.

The players who reach the top of the leader board in their VIP category may have the opportunity to attend the 2012 European Championships final taking place on July 1, in Kiev.

Additional prizes in the Bet365 Prize Ladder promotion include cruise tickets, and the chance to win a number of luxury cars among other great giveaways.