Chain reactors launched by 888Casino

888Casino's latest release is called Chain Reactor bringing a lot of fired-up action.

The game is in essence a symbol matching contest. Players must line up funny-filled symbols in long chains in order to cash in their prizes.

The longer the chains are, the higher the prize is.

Chain Reactor game offers 3 progressive jackpot paydays. Players must start by clicking on the +/- button in the Stake field.

The more wagers the players make, the bigger the potential of the payday gets. The game is known already for its highly generous payouts, which can reach up to 100,000 times the betting amount.

The game features 5 rows of 5 symbols a piece. When a chain comes into play, the symbols it contains will explode and disappear, but other symbols will take their places and the process starts all over again.

These chain reaction processes continue until there are no more chains left. Each payout is awarded when 5 symbols appear on the chains.

The Goldie symbols is the one who creates the huge progressive jackpot wins.